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July 12, 2009

삼겹살-My Favorite Food ^o^

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삼겹살 (read: samgyeopsal) is very popular Korean food. The meaning of 삼겹살 is 삼 (sam=three) 겹(gyeop=layered) 살(sal=meat). So three layered meat like describe in the picture. the meat is from 돼지(read: dweji=pork).

It’s very easy to find samgyeopsal restaurant. Even there are some samgyeopsal buffet at Seoul. U just need to pay 7500won each person, u can eat unlimited samgyeopsal ^o^.  I not yet try and just heard from my friends. I think i’ll try this weekend :). So now, i just can tell my experience at regular samgyeopsal restaurant

If u see the design of samgyeopsal resturant, there are many tables and join become one very long table. Every table have stove to fry the meat. And for seat, they provide seat pillow. So this is really traditional sit on the floor. This is make samgyeopsal looks very interesting. Korean People usually go eat together like group. I ever go with all my friend about 20 people inside and we really enjoy it

Ok. After come in the restaurant, now time to order…

one portion of samgyeopsal usually is about 6000won and for 2 people. So we can predict how many portion for group. There are also many free side dishes like 상추 (read: sangchu=lettuce), 김치(Kimchi), Onion, Kim (Seaweed), fish cake, bean paste sauce, tiny sea fish, sweet corn and others. The kind of side dishes is depend on the restaurant. Some just provide 상추, kimchi, onion and Kim

And now how to eat samgyoepsal…

if u see that picture, it shows sangchu, meat, onion, and bean sauce. So just mix all the stuff and wrap it with sangchu then finish. let’s eat. when inside the mouth the taste will mix together and will be delicious ^o^. Oh… make me wanna eat more. U must try if u go to Korea oneday.

and usually Korean people eat samgyeopsal and drink soju there. wanna know more about soju?? let’s check my next post. hahhahah…


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  1. Thank you for a great posting. My husband and I also enjoy Samgyeopsal very much. When we were in Korea, we ate Samgyeopsal almost every day. Please check out our funny Samgyeopsal video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LhdDPpXwms0

    Comment by Gina — November 23, 2009 @ 7:53 pm | Reply

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