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July 7, 2009

First Korean Food

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During ASEAN  student exchange program, Daejeon university provide free meal three times everyday for us. So lucky, we can eat free even unlimited ^o^. Our first meal when lunch is 떡볶이 (read: topoki).

떡볶이 is 떡 + 볶다. 떡 is rice cake and 볶다 is fry. So when join become 떡볶이 like rice cake fried. When cook 떡볶이, usually add sauces,  slices of onion and fry it together. Looks spicy, but just a little spicy and the taste is really nice. 떡볶이 also can mix with squid or fish cake, or others. So have many variant of 떡볶이

떡볶이 is very easy to be finded, because so many 떡볶이 stand are on the side of big street like outside university or downtown. Even street 떡볶이, the taste is also nice and cheap. They also sell another foods like fried sausage, fried squid. So whenever i feel hungry, i try the food there. nice and cheap ^o^.



  1. can u sent to me the resepy of topoki???here my email miacute66@yahoo.com

    Comment by mia — October 6, 2009 @ 11:26 pm | Reply

  2. Here the recipe
    – 5 pieces of tteok
    – 1 sheet of fish cake

    Boil water 1 glass/cup, then put:
    – 1 spoon gochujang (Korean spicy sauce)
    – 2 spoon honey / corn syrup
    – 1 spoon anchovy sauce
    – 1 spoon Soy sauce (better Korea soy sauce)
    – 1-2 spoon sugar
    – 1-2 spoon chili powder

    Hope this can help u…
    – 1 sdt bawang putih cincang
    – 1/4 bawang bombay potong2 memanjang

    Comment by hendrolim — October 7, 2009 @ 9:57 am | Reply

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