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July 5, 2008

One Week at Surabaya (4-11 June 2008)

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Have  i nice sleep yesterday…..

4 June

On the morning, we had to pack our luggage again and moved to Plaza Surabaya Hotel and it’s near with PLN Center Office at Surabaya. I called this day as my first day work coz i started doing something on that day. It’s a first day i meet with client. It’s very interesting for me coz i can meet with many people and many personality. i learn so many thing there.


5-6 June – still working. I thought it’s not interesting for u. But if u wanted, i’ll share for u

7 June

Saturday, the day that i liked very much beside Sunday ^o^. This day i was very happy, coz we have fun in Surabaya. We are Jossie (super boss), Theresia (my boss), Johny (my friend), me, Sianne (my colleague), and Adit (my second boss). About 12PM, we had lunch. After that, we went to House of Sampoerna (first production place of Samporna cigarette). Adit, my colleague said it’s was only the one of museum that premitted the visitor to smoke. I thought it’s natural coz that was cigarette museum.


There were so many thing you could see. 1. History of Sampoerna, the pioneer of Sampoerna (Liem Seeng Tee), the first store Liem Seeng Tee, the first bicycle Liem Seeng Tee, any ingredients of Sampoerna cigarette liked tobaccos and cloves, any kind of Sampoerna cigarette, any kind engine that used to production liked grinder and molder, stall that helped marketing Sampoerna. There were also the biggest koi fish i ever saw and nice girl employee that help us to take photo (heheheheh…). Coz that day was Saturday, so we couldn’t see how they product the cigarette (ToT). The most thing i liked very much was the main gate. The main gate was very awesome and had pillar like cigarette. It was so fantastic. (maybe i was too plebeian ToT. I hoped not)

The next resort is ……..

I forgot the name but maybe navy monument or museum. The ticket price is 5,000 rupiah. There was a big ship and big bottle baloon “Mie Sedap” (heheheh…). So we enter to the ship from start point. There was sparse of visitor. So we can enjoy it. There was many thing that i never saw before. The best thing i liked was torpedo. It’s wa so weight. After we arrived to the end point and exited, elementary school group entered it. Fortunately, we had finished. If compared with Sampoerna, i prefered go to Sampoerna coz it’s free (^o^) and more many thing i could see.

8 June – DotA day, played DotA along day (^o^)

9-11 June – work again….


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