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July 3, 2008

Second and Last Day on Semarang (3 June 2008)

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I woke up about 7 PM (maybe). Then I went to PLN Office with DM (Data Migration) Team. They consisted of Jossie, Theresia, Johny, me, Adit, and Sianne. Yesterday Jossie had explained little about what DM team did. And at office, Theresia explained again for the details. As i know, the core job of DM team is check data from old system and fit it with new system (i hope “this is true”). She also teached me how to use MS Excel and Access to check the data with expert method. It’s something new for me and seem interesting.

Then…. about 6PM, we went to airport. We took Garuda to Surabaya and transited at Jakarta first. I thinked it’s very strange coz Semarang and Surabaya is near. But, it’s rule of Accenture, we must traveled by Garuda or Mandala plane and they don’t have route from Semarang to Surabaya at that time. But it’s not a matter coz i don’t have to pay it. Just enjoy it ^o^. Coz i would often travel from one city to another city. So I made GFF (Garuda Frequent Flyer) and i can save the bonus point for free flying ^o^.

About 10PM we arrived at Juanda airport, Surabaya, then we go to Novotel hotel to take a rest. Have deep sleep for next day. Zzzzzz………….


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