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July 2, 2008

First Day (2nd June 2008)

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Ge iseng2 pgn coba pake bhs ing. Maap kalo byk salahny. Soalny msh cupu ni ingny. Kalo ada yg salah, kasi tau aja. Tar biar g perbaiki.

Okay, let’s start….

I start internship on 2 June 2008, My First Day. My appointment is 9AM. But I’m going to Wisma 46 at 8AM with Deddy coz he must go to BRI II Building at that time. Then, i go to Accenture Office at 18th floor and wait for 9AM. At there i meet with someone who have first day to work at Accenture too. His name is Frans. While waiting, we’re talking about ourself and ask each other.

About 9AM, he was called to enter the room and i wait by myself again (ToT). About 10PM, I was called by Miss Ayu. She let me to take laptop and wait again (ToT). Wait… and wait until 11PM. After that Miss Rina come to me and she bring me contract letter and give me simple explanation about internship. She told me i must go to Semarang with plane at 6.30 PM. But i still have to take my luggage at Deddy’s home.

I don’t know Jakarta. I just can use busway coz i have the map. Yesterday, I have ask to Deddy’s brother about the location of Deddy’s house in Jakarta. And he told me that it’s near Olimo and Glodok. So i take busway and stop on Olimo. After that i don’t know where to go, and i choose to take “public motorcycle (ojek)”. I say to go Kalibaru Barat (Deddy’s home address). First he doesn’t know the way. But he say he can find there while ask other people. Unfortunately, Finally, he don’t know where is it. And he leave me at Pluit. It’s more far to go Deddy’s home. I think i don’t have to pay him coz he doesn’t send me to my destination. But he want the payment. First, i don’t want to pay. But coz he stop at “ojek” spool, i’m scared and i pay half (5k).

After that problem, i’m give up and take taxi Deddy’s house. It costs 35k (ToT). Then i’m hurry pack my luggage and go to gambir to take Damri to Airport. It costs 20k. it’s all run well and i’m not late boarding. It’s so long trip ro go to airport and tiring.

When i’m arrived at Semarang, Mr Suwardi (driver) take me to PLN Center Office at Semarang. At there, i meet Mr. Jossie Soemarto (my supervisor) and meet with many people from Accenture and PLN who’re working project ERP Accenture-PLN.

Then i meet with Johny and he said he’ll be my mentor. And do you know what is the first question he asked me. He ask “Do you like to play game?”. Of course, i say “Of course, yes”. hehehhee… At there, i introduce myself and talk with them. On 10PM, we go to dinner at Bintang Laut. I meet Miss Theresia Budiyanti (my current supervisor). Then we’re tiring and go to Grand Candi Hotel to sleep for tommorow better

okay it’s enough for today….



  1. waaa… baru tau ndro pny blog jugaa.. huehehe…

    hmmm… sbnrny mo sotoy nih mo bantu memperbaiki tulisanmu diatas.. tp tampakny banyak loh salanya.. hihihihi..

    gw taro di blogroll gw yah ndro, biar eksis lu! hahaha.. *baik yah gw??!!*


    sukses yah kapenyaa…

    Comment by shi3nzzz — July 2, 2008 @ 10:07 am | Reply

  2. hmmm…
    seharusnya pake past tense dong, kan udah lewat 😀

    Comment by rani! — July 2, 2008 @ 11:22 am | Reply

  3. @ shi3nzzz
    thx y da di add di blogroll. iYa de… SHieny emank bae…
    hehehhee….. sukses jg y KAPEny
    moga2 ga tambah item

    @ rani!
    ampun kk, baru sadarny di tengah2. jadinya diseragamin present aja smua. hehheeheh

    Comment by hendrolim — July 2, 2008 @ 11:30 am | Reply

  4. huoo.. hendro KPnya bukan sama hengky yah?? Accenture juga ga yah dia?

    Gila gila,, baru KP udah dikirim2 ke luar kota… ehehe…
    brapa bulan tuh ndro?

    Comment by umi fadilah — July 2, 2008 @ 12:16 pm | Reply

  5. nggak sama hengky. Soalny beda proyek. Kalo g proyek PLN. Hengky proyek Unilever. Iya dia accenture jg sih.

    iya sih. enakny sih dikirim keluar kota
    jadi bisa jalan2.

    g KPny sih 2 1/2 bln. Lama jg stlh dipikir2.hehehhehe
    gimana KP lu?

    Comment by hendrolim — July 2, 2008 @ 2:48 pm | Reply

  6. Hi Hendrolim,

    Salam kenal. Hebat banget PLN pakai SAP.
    SAP versi berapa yang digunakan di sana ?


    Comment by wedhatama — February 7, 2009 @ 2:20 pm | Reply

  7. Salam kenal jg ardi wedhatama
    y PLN pake SAP biar datany terintegrasi sih
    kan PLN ada di sluruh provinsi
    kalo datany ga terintegrasi susah la jdny

    Wah… uda lupa tu pake versi apa
    memangny bwt apa?

    Comment by hendrolim — February 7, 2009 @ 4:32 pm | Reply

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